What Should Home Sellers Expect?

Home Seller Tips - Seller Inspection

Sellers need to be aware of the importance of a home inspection. They should be well prepared for their home inspection. They should start preparing for it even before putting the house under listings for sale.

Sometimes, it is required by the government that the inspector provides a positive report to sell the house. If the report goes wrong, then the chances of selling the house decrease.

Here is what home sellers should take care of:

1. Clean up the house thoroughly. It should look good and smell good. Make it look so good that when an inspector comes to visit, he must feel comfortable and cozy

2. Fix broken wood, pipes or any flaw beforehand. Try to be an inspector yourself. Think like an inspector would think and examine your own house critically. Identify the flaws and fix them before the inspection.

3. Keep all the electric supply switched on during the inspection. Also, keep the ignition on for your heating system. The inspector will be annoyed if your systems do not work properly while he checks them.

You have to be in the best of your behavior. Buyers sometimes need alone time with the inspector, because they are not comfortable talking to him about your house in front of you. So get away from the house for two to three hours while they inspect in detail.

Lastly, let the inspector know about any of your remodeling projects. Give him access to the repairing documents. This will increase the chances for sale of your house. Check here to learn more about Pre-listing and Sellers Inspections.