Septic and Water Tests

11074_B31_rgbThe Importance of Private Well Water Testing

Testing your private well’s water quality on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source. The test results allow you to properly address the specific problems of a water supply. This will help ensure that the water source is being properly protected from potential contamination, and that appropriate treatment is selected and operating properly.

It is important to test the suitability of your water quality for its intended use, whether it be livestock watering, chemical spraying, or drinking water. This will assist you in making informed decisions about your water and how you use it.

Regular testing is important to:

  • Identify existing problems
  • Ensure water is suitable for the intended use, especially if used for drinking by humans and animals

Is My Water Safe To Drink?

The only way to tell if your drinking water is safe is by having it tested at a certified laboratory. Harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses are invisible to the naked eye, so water which looks and tastes good may not necessarily be safe to drink. These microbes can exist in surface and groundwater supplies, and can cause immediate sickness in humans if not properly treated.

Common Q&A for Properties with Water Wells:

Q:  Which water tests are required for HUD, FHA, VA and Rural Development home loans?

Q:  Which water tests are required for a Conventional Loan?

  • A:  The water test requirement is at the home loan provider’s discretion. In most cases it is at least Coliform Bacteria and Nitrates.

Q: Who can take a water sample for a mortgage loan?:

  • A: For FHA/VA/Rural Development loans, the requirement is for the health authority, laboratory, licensed sanitary engineer or an uninterested party to collect the water sample.  An uninterested party must be a professional such as a plumber, well driller, or home inspector.  If a conventional loan is being used, the buyers mortgage determines who can take the water sale and what tests are required so check with the buyers mortgage company ahead of time.

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