Success Blueprint For Realtors: How To Sell More Homes

Top 10 Things you Need to Know about Home Inspections to Sell More Houses
By Right Home Inspections
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When you are at the final hurdle of closing on a deal, make sure
your inspection company is an asset, not a liability.

  1. Don’t Put Yourself at Risk of a Lawsuit:
    In the State of Minnesota, there are NO credential requirements for real estate inspectors.
  • This means ANYONE can claim they are an inspector, without proper training or insurance.
  • If a non-qualified inspector misses an important issue, or gets hurt on the property without insurance, this puts you at risk.
  • We are a fully insured and nationally certified company. Our contract even indemnifies the Realtor from referral liability.
  1. A Full Service Inspection Company Saves you Time Searching:
    The property may require water testing if there is a well on the property, or FHA lead paint certification. Radon tests are frequently required.
  • We are a full service inspection company that can quickly provide services needed to meet the inspection requirements during the
    contingency period.
  1. Up to Date with Technology:
    Some inspectors provide a hand checked paper report that does not help the Buyer learn about their house.
  • We provide state of the art electronic reports with photos and links that educate about the house.
  • We have full service access to the property with our Supra Key and schedule the inspection ourselves, saving you valuable time and hassle.
  1. Communication is Key:
    Homebuyers are excited about their potential new home, and may be anxious about the issues the home inspector uncovers.
  • You want an inspector who patiently explains, without unnecessary alarming, a customer about their findings. How something is communicated is important to not blow it out of proportion.
  • No inspector should be talking code, giving opinions about the price of the house or who should pay for repairs.
  1. Attend the inspection:
    The inspector will most likely find issues in the home that he conveys to the Buyer. By attending the inspection, you can learn firsthand from the inspector about the issues and their severity. You may want to get a specialist in to further assess a situation.
  • When it comes time to negotiate with the Seller, it’s beneficial if you have heard firsthand about the issues, so you can be your Buyer’s best advocate.
  1. Customer Service is Key:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Your time is money. You want easy scheduling, easy to get hold of to discuss inspections issues.
  • We inspect 6 days a week and are always here to answer your questions. Easily schedule online, call us or use our phone APP.
  1. Help with Seeking Expert Resources:
    A home inspection is a non-invasive visual analysis of the homes condition. This means that if there are suspected issues that can’t be easily determined, you want to call in the experts.
  • We provide trusted resources and experts. They can provide estimates on the cost of roofing, radon mitigation systems, septic problems or foundation issues.
  1. Radon is Real:
    4 out of 10 homes in Minnesota have dangerously high levels of radon gas.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health strongly recommends that ALL homebuyers have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchase or taking occupancy, and recommends having the radon levels mitigated if elevated radon concentrations are found.
  • We have several high calibration radon units available that provide radon results in 48 hours and we are nationally radon certified.
  1. Certified Move in Ready Homes: Pre-Listing Inspections Add Value:
    Home inspections are not just for when you buy a home, but are valuable tools for when selling a home.
  • The pre-listing inspection can uncover issues that might come up during a Buyer’s inspection and give the homeowner time to make repairs.
  • We even re-inspect the property at NO COST, after repairs are made to provide an updated report.
  • Pre-inspections are the ultimate in full disclosure, creating a trusted relationship with the potential Buyer.
  1. Consider your Home Inspector as an Extension of your Team:
    You provide exceptional value to your customer and we consider ourselves part of your selling team, knowing we represent you. Count on us to go the extra mile providing valuable services for you and the Buyer.
  • A FREE 90-day warranty for the Buyer.
  • An Appliance Recall service that notifies the homeowner of any recall or safety issue on their appliances while they live in the home.
  • A marketing home tips newsletter that goes to your customer each month, branded with your business information.
  • “New Home Announcement” cards that you give as a gift to your customer at closing.




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