Not Sure if you Need a Home Inspection?

Maybe you think there’s nothing wrong, everything looks OK to your eye.

But your eye is not trained to see what a professional inspector sees.

  • Have you looked in the attic for bat and mice droppings that might show infestation, or a leaky roof only seen through the rafters?
  • Have you gotten on your hands and knees to check for crumbling or weak foundations that could prevent you from reselling the home or allow water to flood your basement?
  • Are you able to measure to see if there is a toxic level of Radon gas, which causes lung cancer and is present at a toxic level in 2 out of 5 homes (40%) in Minnesota?
  • Have you looked inside the breaker box to see if the electrical system is safe and there are no lurking fire hazards?

Of course not. Nor should you, that’s the job of a qualified Home Inspector.

Your job is to assess the home to make sure it meets the needs of your family.

Our job is to make sure:

  • Your home is a good financial investment with no major issues.
  • There are no hidden issues that prevent you from selling it down the line.
  • There are no safety issues for you or your family.

Every home has issues that can be repaired and addressed.  A home inspection most likely will not prevent you from purchasing the home you’ve fallen in love with, but it will give you a detailed report of any issues you want to have fixed.

Check out this sample of a Home Inspection Report. It will give you a better idea of the kinds of issues that are found during a home inspection.


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