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Meet Our Team

Meet the Team! Every one of us takes pride in providing outstanding service to our Buyers, Sellers and Agent Partners.

Joe, Chief Inspector

Joe, Chief Inspector and Owner

Joe Van Orsdol, Founder and Chief Inspector,  has an extensive background in the construction industry and is a proclaimed “Do it Your Selfer.” He is curious about how things work and  started taking things apart at a young age to figure them out. He has a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for quality. His passion for high quality and “Doing Things Right” led him to begin the Right Home Inspection company after the downturn of construction in 2008, and his attention to customer satisfaction has grown the business to where it is today.  In his spare time, Joe likes to dirt bike, and of course, take things apart.

QUALITIES THAT CUSTOMERS NOTE: Integrity, Dedicated, Professionalism, Loyalty, Goes Above and Beyond



Jane, Customer Service and Co-Owner

Jane Morrison, Customer Care/Co-Owner, loves being part of the family business and supporting the Inspectors in the field. Married to Joe, they team well on bringing exceptional customer care to Home Buyers, Home Sellers and Agents. She coordinates the educational seminars the company provides and follows up with inspections to ensure all parties are satisfied. Jane is also a Certified Coach and Leadership trainer, enjoys gardening and rescuing dogs.

QUALITIES THAT CUSTOMERS NOTE: Friendly, Caring, Approachable, Professionalism


Greg Bloom,  Certified Inspector,  Greg understands and enjoys the Real Estate world as a previous licensed Realtor. He’s

Greg Bloom, Certified Inspector

also been in the construction business and is a ‘do it your selfer’ ‘and learns from doing.  He enjoys taking things apart and learning how things work from the inside out.   He enjoys showing people how things work in their home and making them comfortable being a DIYer.  He is passionate about giving the right information that the home buyers need when purchasing their home and showing them how things work. In his spare time, he fishes, hunts, and plays golf.  He is also a baseball coach and board member for the Coon Rapids/Andover Little league where his two sons play. When his is not doing that he is watching his daughter dance at competitions.”

QUALITIES THAT CUSTOMERS NOTE: Integrity, Honesty, Educational and Trustworthy.


Cameron, Certified Inspector

Cameron Schaub, Certified Inspector, has an impressive background in the building industry that also includes business, commercial art,  architectural drafting, contracting and repair work getting homes ready to sell or repairs for the Buyer.  He worked as a draftsman contract sales person for United Building Centers for 10 years, then trained in the building materials industry for 20 years in 10 state area.  He has worked with senior citizens, either making home safer to stay in or to get ready to move and down size. He loves the workmanship and quality of restoring vintage homes.  

QUALITIES CUSTOMERS NOTE: Patient, Detailed, Integrity, Fair, and Trustworthy.

Dan Nguyen, Certified Inspector

Dan Nguyen, Certified Inspector, is a personable, customer focused professional who has a 15 year background in the home improvement and flooring business, as well as management and training.  He is a professed do-it-yourselfer who likes to build things and tinker. Outside of work, his 3 kids keep him busy as does his coaching for the Andover fastpitch softball league, fishing, camping and sports.

QUALITIES CUSTOMERS NOTE: Friendly, Skilled, Customer Focused, Teamwork.



Trish Watzke, Marketing Assistant.  Trish is our marketing wiz, blending her organizational skills with her creative ideas. She has been with Right Home Inspections since 2014. She loves working with our customers, making sure they have everything they need for the inspection to go smoothly. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Bravo, spending beautiful Minnesota summers at the cabin, and in the winter, enjoys snowmobiling and watching the Minnesota Wild hockey team.


Derek Lanz, Certified Radon Technician Derek has been in the real estate industry since 2002. He has extensive knowledge in the buying and selling process, as well as real estate for both the long and short-term investment purposes. He plays an important role in the real estate transaction by installing continuous monitor radon systems in homes to detect radon gas, which is dangerously high in over 40% of Minnesota homes. Derek provides excellent customer service by retrieving these tests quickly for the customers to negotiate if required at the time of inspection. In his spare time, he and his wife Andrea enjoy hanging out with our Olde English Bulldogge, Amos Moses, attending baseball games (both professional and amateur town ball), live concerts and travelling.

Qualities that customers note:  Sense of Humor, Easy Going, Loyal, Customer Service.

Our loyal dog Tucker

Tucker,  Deputy Dog. He was a puppy mill dog and left to die when we rescued him at age 4 months. He was never socialized and extremely skittish with people. But 5 years later, he is a great companion and watches over his family, enjoys his daily walk and love belly rubs.

QUALITIES THAT CUSTOMERS NOTE: Friendly and dedicated like the rest of the RHI team!

We are Your Twin Cities and Central Minnesota Premier Home Inspection Company | Let the experienced Professionals at Right Home Inspections help keep you from buying The Money Pit. We’ll alert you to any and all health or safety issues and maintenance needs of the home you’re looking to buy.

Right Home Inspections will be your home buying or selling advocate!  We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Twin Cities or Central Minnesota area, we can help!

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