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We spend up to 3 hours onsite, depending on home size then meet for 30 minutes with you and your Realtor (if available) to share and review our findings. We spend another hour offsite writing up our findings, answering questions, referring specialists, and completing your online report that is chock full of pictures and helpful information.

Our team is large enough to handle your inspection within your contingency window, typically 5-7 days. We know how important it is to you at this critical time to have someone provide information to you quickly and accurately. Call our dedicated office staff at 612-419-3221 to schedule your inspection.

There are no licensing requirements for Home Inspectors in the State of Minnesota, so no Home Inspector is licensed.

All our Inspectors are highly trained through a reputable organization and have years of industry experience. And we are members in good standing with the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors.

We are also licensed to install and deliver results on the indoor air quality Radon tests, which the State of Minnesota does mandate.

We have a scheduling office that takes calls and books inspections 6 days a week. Call (612) 419-3221 for fast and friendly service. Emails do not get responded to as fast as phone call and you can miss out on appointment times while waiting for your email to get read. Meet our scheduling staff here.

For a buyer’s inspection, we inspect the major items that most buyers want to know about. Fr a full list, please visit our Buyers Inspection Page.

Any halfway reputable home inspection company will cover all of these items; it’s a pretty standard list. What sets us apart is our knowledge, experience and attention to detail, inspection report and passion for our work.

The price of a home inspection is based on the size of the home being inspected, as well as the age. Price begins at $360 for up to 2000 square feet. Remember, a cheap inspection by other guys may mean they are not insured or guarantee their work.

And we provide several extras with our inspection.

1) A FREE 90-Day Home Warranty Home Protection Plan

2) An Appliance Safety Recall Check Program

3) A Monthly Home Tips Newsletter

4) A Homeowner’s Resource Network of Trusted Professionals

5) A Lifelong partnership. Call us anytime with questions about your House

They love, appreciate and trust us, and tell us so! Buying a home is your most important, biggest financial decision. Make sure you are entrusting this big decision to someone you trust. We Earn 5-Star Reviews!

We have the same access to the house as Realtors do, and we’ll set up the inspection like they do using Book a Showing Service. We have access to the home’s lockbox combination. If it’s an electronic lockbox, no problem, we have electronic keys.

That’s our job, to make sure you know everything about the house before you move in. You can ask the Seller to repair, replace or correct something, negotiate the home’s price based on conditions found, or simply choose to accept the conditions and deal with it later. That’s all up to you and your Realtor’s guidance. Our job is to report the home’s condition to you. You decide whether you want to invest in getting something repaired, corrected or replaced. If you fall in love with a home, the good news is, everything can be repaired. It’s all up to your budget and time.

Absolutely! Please understand that we may spend several hours going through the home, and prefer to do so without interruption so we can stay laser-focused on providing you the most thorough inspection possible. We test all systems just like you would be living in it. We run all the plumbing, the air conditioner, the dishwasher and Jacuzzi. We look for water leaks, fire hazards and defects, then explain their implications to you. We know your time is valuable so we reserve the last 30 minutes of our inspection to show you any findings that are concerns. We educate you on the conditions of the home so you can feel comfortable with it. If you would like to come view the home again, measure and plan, you are welcome to do so prior to the review time, we just ask that you save your questions to the end.

Of course! Home sales and inspections don’t stop in winter. There will obviously be a few limitations, the largest being the inspection of the roof. When roof coverings are buried in snow, they sometimes can’t be inspected. But, we can view areas where the snow is melted and look for any ceiling damage. This gives us a good indication of the roof’s condition. It’s a lot more work for us to inspect houses when there’s a lot of snow on the ground, but rain or snow, we are here for you.

We are connected to Specialists should you need one. From foundation experts, to roofing experts, we will give you the trusted resources that will provide you the expertise you need.

Ok, that’s the one exception where we might recommend another inspection right from the start. If you’re buying a stucco home that was constructed in the late ’90s or newer, we’ll probably recommend you have invasive moisture testing performed by a company that specializes in this service.

Yes, we email the inspection agreement to our clients at the time we book the inspection, and we ask our clients to fill out the inspection agreement online ahead of time.

Yes, we take cash, check and credit cards.

We’ll email a link to a thorough inspection report and our findings either later the same day or very early the next morning.

Yes, they are. We have standards that we want to uphold so everyone on our team goes through the same rigorous training as our owner and Chief Inspector.

In a nutshell, we are passionate about what we do, treat you like family, and are crazy about providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next home. Customer Service is our Number 1 priority, and we know it shows!

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