Buyer Beware: “Nice Can Be A Four Letter Word

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I’ve seen it time and time again. I’ve even fallen into the trap myself. People forego getting a professional opinion from a Home Inspector because the Sellers were so “nice” and they said everything was in tip-top shape. When I bought my first home in my early twenties, money was tight. I was so ready and excited to be out on my own, but trying to avoid every cost I could. I could not imagine shelling out $350 for a home inspection because, after all, my Dad and I looked over the Continue Reading ...

What Is An Ice Dam

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And How To Prevent Them Snow on your driveway is seldom more than a pain in the back. However, snow on your roof can lead to leakage, even if your roof is new. The culprit is ice damming, the insidious snow-melting phenomenon that many of us are well-acquainted with. Since ice damming is climate driven, warm weather can make many believe that come summer, their problem is solved — think again. Without a permanent solution ice dams will continue to form on your roof when it gets cold enough. Continue Reading ...

Mold Intelligence: Part One

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Stachybotrys…Not a Problem?!? When we talk about “black mold”, we’re generally talking about slimy, wet, Stachybotrys.  It’s the ugliest and most infamous of the molds…not necessarily the most harmful, but that’s a story for another day. Whether you’re testing for mold or not, being educated on mold is a good thing in home inspection, and we’ve got the best resource in the world for you- Dr. John Shane of InspectorLab. Here’s the first of three things you need to Continue Reading ...

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Well it's a New Year and with it comes the hope of better times to come.  For us, the New Year brings a new focus on what it is we really love to do, inspect homes.  To better convey this, We've changed our company name to Right Home Inspections. Our new website is done, yeah!!!  Check it all out and if you find something not working, spelling errors, etc., please point them out to us. Best Wishes to all for a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016!   Happy New Continue Reading ...

Beware of Backdrafting

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Backdrafting is the reverse flow of gas in the flues of fuel-fired appliances that results in the intrusion of combustion byproducts into the living space. Many fuel-fired water heaters and boilers use household air and lack an induced draft, which makes them especially vulnerable to backdrafting when indoor air pressure becomes unusually low. Inspectors should try to spot evidence of backdrafting in homes. How does backdrafting happen? Fuel-fired water heaters, boilers, wall Continue Reading ...

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